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Monday, January 30, 2012

Market Basket to Whole Foods: Where do we buy our food?

Buenas dias amigos!

We all know grocery prices are on the rise these days, along with everything else it seems, so when it comes to buying organic, grass fed, range free poultry, cage free eggs - basically the healthy stuff - money naturally becomes the sticking point.  I get it.  I really do.  But if you refuse to pay now for better quality foods, then guess're going to pay A LOT more later in life with poor health.  When I mentioned that "everything" else seems to be going up in costs, how about the cost of health care?  My co-pays went up 400% this past July just for our primary doctor never mind a specialist doctor!  I'm serious.  No joking on this one.  So, do we want to pay now or later?  That's the question you need to answer ASAP.

Many times when people ask us questions about the paleo diet they almost always ask, where do you guys shop for food?  Honestly, we go to 3-4 different grocery stores.  As I mentioned before money is tight these days, so looking for the best deals is important for our family.   We shop at Trader Joe's, Roche Bros., Market Basket, and the local Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.  We don't shop at Whole Foods, not because we dislike the place, but because we feel you're paying for the name.  This is just our opinion, so I hope I didn't offend any Whole Foods people, but if I did well, SUCK IT UP!  lol - just kidding.

At Trader Joe's we buy; coconut oil (super healthy and REALLY big in the media lately with the fight against Alzheimer's and Dementia), cage free eggs ($2.79), organic whole chickens ($11.00-$15.00), bananas, apples, avocados, brussels sprouts, non-cured bacon, nuts, wild caught salmon, almond butter (so freaking good!), unsweetened organic apple sauce, beef jerky, gluten free cereal for the kids, Udies gluten free bread for the kids, chocolate covered almonds for the kids, coconut milk, plantain chips, and winter blend coffee (love it!).  That pretty much covers our staple list at TJ's.

At Roche Bros. we buy; grass fed ground beef ($5.99/lbs), tilapia filets ($6.99/lbs) ham & turkey cold cuts ($4.99/lb), and most of our greens and veggies (these are probably the same or close to the same prices as Whole Foods).  We don't explore any other areas of Roche Bros..  One of the things we LOVE about Roche Bros., is that the staff in the meat & fish department know everything there is about their products and they ENJOY having a conversation with you about it.  Personally, we really like that quality of service, so we don't mind paying a little extra there.

Now for the big one, Market Basket.  We think Market Basket gets a bad wrap for their appearance, and yes their appearance could improve, but you're shopping for food not clothes or furniture.   We think they actually sell some good stuff and with a variety.  The Market Basket in Ashland, MA has a large Brazilian and Latin community, so their vegetables, meats, and poultry have a high turn over rate.  We go to MB about once a month and we buy a lot of fruits, veggies, and coconut water.  We don't buy our meat, chicken or fish from there because we really like the products from Roche Bros., but I'm not saying MB sells a bad product either.  Actually, I really don't know what they sell because I've never asked, although I know they don't sell grass fed beef.  If you live close to a MB I think you should at least check it out.  If you plan on going there or already do, ask the butcher if they sell grass fed beef or would they consider selling it?  You never know.  I'm not really sure if I confused anyone here with MB, but all I'm saying is, they sell some good stuff!  Their fruits and veggies are good quality and a lot cheaper than most places.

The local Farmer's Market is a really cool place to shop too!  The best part is knowing you're supporting your local farmers.  We actually haven't gone to one in a while, but the winter's Farmer's Market in Natick is inside the Metro West Hospital on Saturday mornings from 9-1 pm, so check it out if you can.  Here you can buy fresh organic veggies and eggs.  Sorry I can't provide too much info on this location for you.

The message we're sending is this, it may take some extra time to find the best prices for high quality foods at different locations, but it will pay off dividends for you and your family!  Be open minded :)

Get some vitamin D today!


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